Apart from the pillows, all of our products can be personalised in a varity of ways :
・by adding a pattern with hanagoza during the production process
・by embroidery   ・by laser calligraphy.
Product range


Igusa flower


Igusa has natural antibacterial properties and is known for its effect in improving air quality and harmonising humidity in the rooms in which it is placed. Igusa is also used for aromatherapy as it gives off a fresh aroma.

From this came the idea for the 'igusa flower' as a new way to enjoy igusa. This concept originated from the Chikugo region which is the main region utilising the hanagoza technique but quickly became popular for offices and hotels. Increasingly these are also being used in ikebana and flower arranging and the demand is continually increasing.

We have put igusa in the 12 different colours which make up hanagoza in a diffuser vase. Why not try placing these in an entrance hall or room?

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petit tatami


This product is growing popular in Japan and abroad
as a decoration. The 15 x 30cm version in red and black
has gained popularity from use in a well-known
bar in Nakasu in Japan.

You can use these decorative tatamis on shelves or windowsills,
as stands for other decorations or plants to give a taste of Japan to your room.

The 15 x 15cm version is small enough to have become popular
as a souvernir for tourists who have experienced tatami during their stay in Japan.

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Mini tatami


Just as with the petit tatami (decorative tatami) the mini tatami
series can be used as decoration and the uses are endless.

Why not use one as a stand for a vase or even as a mousepad?

These small tatami decorations give an instant image of Japan and can be easily used abroad to create an authentic Japanese display or exhibition.

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This is the smallest item in the 'GOZA.' range. It is becoming increasingly popular as a souvenir for Japanese people and people from other countries as well. You can use it to give a taste of Japan to any room by using it to display objects. houseplants or vases.

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Igusa zabuton floor cushion


Zabuton cushions are Japanese cushions for sitting on the floor in tatami rooms

Everything used in the production of these cushions - the igusa reeds and all colourings - are organic (the colourings used are from chestnuts, persimmon, green tea and onion skin). This is a 'GOZA.' orginal design.

There also is easier to express complex pattern printing using the dye mixed with glue.

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These pillows are popular due to the ability to change the thickness and we have had people seek these pillows out when they have sold out in local shops. In response to requests from buyers we have also developed a super thin version - hiramakura.

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Tatami Heri


Tatami Heri are the cotton borders at the edges of tatami matting.
Tatami Heri have also developed along with tatami.

Nowadays not only are they light, tough, and resistant to moisture
there are also a wealth of different designs. As a result, they are also used for
kimono obi sashes, bags and tablet cases.

Some people also use the material to create their own belts or bags at home. The possibilities are endless.

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Tatami Heri Bag


Tatami heri is light, tough and resistant to moisture and is therefore
ideal material for bags. However, because it is difficult to
sew the material so as to merge the fabrics there are not many big
suppliers producing these products.

Nonetheless increasingly these kings of products are becoming popular
- for example for tablet cases.

We have developed a series of designs coordinating different patterns together.
These are ideal for people who want a unique item.

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