1. Purpose

Kyushu Bussan Co.,Ltd (hereafter referred to as "we" or "us") take responsibility for protecting your personal information. The following policy sets out how we manage and protect personal data.

2. Definition

Personal information may include names, dates of birth, gender, phone numbers, email addresses, places of work, order details amongst others. This may be a single piece of information that identifies you, or a combination of details to allow an identification to be made.

3. Usage

3.1 Your information will only be used internally (with the exception listed below at point 5) for the purposes listed here:
  • a) Details required for your order
  • b) Contacting you
  • c) Informing you of services
  • d) Analyzing your data to improve our service
3.3 You provide information to us at their own discretion. If you choose not to provide information it may not always be possible to provide the full range of our services.

4. Collecting personal information

For the purposes of taking your order we will ask for the minimum amount of your information.

5. Giving personal information to third parties

We will never give out personal to any third parties apart from the five exceptions from Section 23 of the Personal Information Protection Act:
a) Where we have a legal obligation to do so
b) Where there may be a risk of death, or harm to people or property, and where it is difficult to gain permission from the person directly
c) Where there may be a risk to public health, or the health of children, and where it is difficult to gain permission from the person directly
d) When directed by a governmental organization or local authority authorized under the act, or their nominated representative, and where to gain permission directly would impede the actions of that authority
e) Where we have your permission to do so

6.Protecting your information when sub-contracting

When we instruct a third party company to provide services as part or all of an order, we will always check that the supplying company has suitable procedures in place of protecting personal information before contracting with them.

7.Responding to requests to delete or stop using personal information

You can ask us to remove, amend or stop using your personal information. Upon confirming your identity, we will comply with any such requests in a timely fashion. Please use the following contact details for any enquiries concerning personal information:

  • Kyushu Bussan Co., Ltd
  • 495-2 Yoshigai, Mitsuhashi-machi, Yanagawa-shi, Fukuoka-ken JAPAN 832-0802
  • Tel: +81 944 74 1978
  • Fax: +81 944 74 1972